The legal battle between him and his former label Colossal entertainment is still on. But, Soul E is not about letting anything slow him down. Having won the right to his trade name, the singer has gone ahead to relase a two-part album ‘His Excellency 1 and 2’.  And it doesn’t matter to the gifted singer that critics are scorning the album. He’s already going ahead to shoot a couple of videos as well as embark on an aggressive promo for his new body of work. But unknown to many, apart from regularly appearing in court, and apart from promoting the new album, the 24 year old singer and his wife Queen Ure have something else that occupies ther time these days.  The couple have taken up ministry work. And it’s not a joke. If you’re less busy next Sunday, please find your way to their Omole-Lagos home. That’s where they  host a growing population of followers to Sunday worship. Since christened ‘love villa’, the couple leave their doors open from 9am every Sunday, as they treat guests to music, and bible messages from Soul E. ‘I’ve always said this, I’m an inspirational artiste. My father is a minister of God, and I’’ve been following him to crusades since I was a little boy. It’s just that people don’t know this part of me. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,’ he told AyeniTheGreat in his home last week. Soul E’s father Emmanuel Okose is a reverend, his mother, a pastor while his wife Ure confessed to Glitz Beats she’s had a calling to float a church since she was a worshipper at Kris Okotie’s Household of God church. So it’s no surprise that Soul E is now clutching a microphone and a bible. ‘I’m a singer by profession and a preacher by calling’ he told AyeniTheGreat. Soul E and his wife were reportedly ex-communicated from Okotie’s household of God church last year. And it’s not likely they’ll be knocking on Okotie’s doors for readmittance anytime soon. As at February 3, sources say their church’s membership had swollen to over three scores of worshippers, and many more curios fans have promised to make it there this coming Sunday…   



  1. sammy gulder ultimate Says:

    you are a powerful vocalist no doubt……….. you should let your blood cool down,,, soulllllllllllll EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. kemy olu Says:

    hello soul e………..u cant mock God………….by singin secular songs n preaching at d same time…………………watch it ask dose who mocked God and find out wat happened dats if dey are still alive 2 tell d story…………….concentrate on one first

  3. yawa dey o. God guide dem sha

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